As a coach, your knowledge and experience are at the core of why people are working with you. The insight you give is a key differentiator for you. But how you unravel what insight needs to be shared, what help your clients actually need, and how you structure your meetings to best effect is a whole other thing. That’s why we invented hubbix as the ultimate coaching tool.

New Business Coaches

For people who are new to business coaching, hubbix can be a really useful tool as it provides a broad approach to business needs, covering such things as marketing, finance, goals, HR, legal, sales, lead generation, customer journeys, optimisation, risk mitigation, culture and much more.

If you’re still learning about the role, there will be areas where you don’t have a great deal of experience, but hubbix provides the right questions to ask at the right time, depending on the goal that the client is looking to achieve.

Not only does it provide structure, it also provides security, knowing that you’re not going to miss anything. That, in turn, will also give you confidence.

To add to all of that, hubbix also enables you to widen your service offerings. You could be offering hourly sessions, daily workshops or mastermind planning sessions. One of the strongest areas in hubbix that could be a fantastic extra service for a coach is exit strategy plans.

In hubbix, we’ve incorporated assessments that business brokers and lawyers go through when selling a business. So by going through hubbix with clients, you can easily develop an exit plan for them.

Another huge benefit of using hubbix is that you will need to spend less time preparing for clients, because hubbix will do it all for you. In the session you can work through the pre-loaded questions, going straight into the areas that your client may need help with, asking the most useful questions so you get the answers you need.

For any new business coach, hubbix could be a hugely advantageous and very cost effective coaching tool.

Experienced Business Coaches

For experienced business coaches you have the ability to select custom mode. Custom mode allows you to choose the topics you want to deep dive into. You have ultimate flexibility while still benefiting from the structure of the system.

In addition to this, it also enables coaches to check whether things are fit for purpose. For example, your client might say they have a financial plan or they have a marketing strategy, but does it actually do the job it’s meant to?

Using hubbix, you can drill down into the details of those items. Let’s use the marketing strategy example. You can probe further to ask who the client’s target audience is, what their pain points are, and how are they servicing them differently to competitors. You’ll probably find that, although the client has said they have something like a marketing strategy, it’s usually not fit for purpose. With hubbix you have the right tool to be able to help them accordingly – whatever the subject – ensuring everything in their business is optimised

No business coach knows everything there is to know about business. We may know a lot – we may have been running businesses for many years – but we don’t know everything. There will be blind spots in our knowledge and hubbix helps us to provide holistic business advisory services to support our clients fully.

Longer Term Clients

The typical pattern is that clients will work with a business coach until they’ve got everything out of that coach they can, and then they’ll move on to the next one. The reason for that is because of those blind spots.

This is why we invented hubbix – to help fill those gaps. As the system covers all eight areas of business, it ultimately means that a business coach is never running out of questions to ask and is never getting to that point where they’ve been wrung dry. There are so many questions to go through.

This enables a business coach to increase the lifetime value of their clients from a few sessions to several years, which then, in turn, increases their profitability. It also means that they’re not constantly looking for new clients, which can become frustrating, time consuming and tedious. Everyone is getting more value.

Time Savings

Whatever level of experience you have, hubbix saves business coaches a lot of time. Our clients have reported back to us that they’re saving 20 to 30 minutes after every coaching session because they’re not typing up notes or actions.

A 20 to 30 minute saving for every client session can soon add up. One hubbix user has about 40 clients and he’s saving nearly 20 hours a month. Think where else you could use that time? You could be spending it with family or spending it on other sales conversations. It gives you back so much.

Another saving is that hubbix allows you to get to the heart of matters quickly. One client told us that to cover the elements that he normally covers in a session it used to take him 75 minutes. However, when he started using hubbix it made him a lot more efficient in his client sessions. He is now covering the same ground within 30 to 45 minutes.

That means he is saving a minimum of 30 minutes per coaching session because he is getting to the issue in a faster timeframe. The client is still getting the same return on investment, but it’s being done in almost half the time.

Your Time

What could you spend those extra hours on? Would you fit in more clients? Would you go on more holidays? Getting the same income but using fewer hours is the reality for hubbix clients. To see for yourself just how hubbix could become your essential coaching tool, why not try it for yourself with our FREE 30 day trial?

And don’t forget, when you are saving all that extra time, please do share it with us. We love to hear how you’re getting on with all that time you’re saving.