Become the World’s Best Business Coach

Become the World’s Best Business Coach

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hubbix has been created from real-life experience. Lisa, our founder, worked as a business coach herself for many years, and she created this platform from a structured approach that she developed to help streamline and improve her own client meetings.

We have designed it to help tackle several issues that business coaches face every day. We want to clear the admin for you, sharpen up your client sessions, help you prove the impact you’re having, and keep your clients accountable.

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Do any of these seem familiar?

I can't be an expert in every area

Nobody can be an expert in every area of business, but as a coach you are expected to help out with everything from finance to HR to marketing to production. That’s why we designed hubbix to be like your utility belt, ensuring you have all the right bits of knowledge to hand when you need them.

My clients needs are ever changing

Sometimes your clients simply don’t know what to tackle next. They know something is wrong and they’re trying to fight the fires that keep appearing, but every time you meet with them there seems to be something else to add to the pile. With hubbix, you control the sessions. You dig deep to find out what your clients might not even know, allowing you to ascertain where the problems really lie and what actually needs to be done to get your client where it wants to be.

My time is wasted on a lot of admin

You’ve had a great client session, and you charged a lot for it, but then you spend about half an hour after typing up your notes and sending your client some actions that they never seem to do anything with. Using hubbix, the notes are typed up in the meeting within the system, and you can agree actionable plans with your client that work at their pace. The automated processes make it very easy to manage and very hard for them to ignore.

My clients don't realise how much I help them

It can be hard sometimes to prove the ROI that clients have with you. You know that you’re making an impact, but without being able to actually measure results, how can you actually show the difference you’re making? hubbix has an in-built KPI tracker that allows you to monitor and measure results, meaning you can finally prove to your clients just how much they’d be lost without you.

It's really hard getting leads

Lead generation is hard whatever industry you’re in, but with a lot of competition out there, it is no secret that a lot of business coaches find it difficult to fill their pipeline. hubbix was designed to help give you the edge, though. Not only will your sessions become more streamlined and therefore more appealing to clients, but you’ll be able to prove the benefits you offer to clients through the stats shown in the KPI tracker. hubbix will give you a powerful competitive advantage.

Sound too good to be true? Why not try it for yourself? In fact, if you’re not amazed by how much time you save using hubbix, we’ll give you an extra month for free.

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