Transparent pricing, no hidden costs and no contract. Getting started with hubbix couldn’t be easier.

We understand that every business is different, and therefore you need to tailor your advice for every client. hubbix simplifies your core tasks giving you the time and flexibility to customise your unique offering. You really can become the world’s best business coach.

Can I get started for free?

Yes, for 30 days with our free trial. Get in touch to get started today.

Are some features restricted with a free trial?

No, all features are unlimited for the duration of your trial and subscription. We want you to get the best out of hubbix from the moment you start using it.

Is hubbix just for start ups?

No, it’s for everyone. hubbix is equally effective for all types of businesses, in any industry, at every stage of development or trading, whether you are starting, growing, selling, or anything in-between.

Do I need a credit card for the free trial?

Yes, we will only use it if you want to keep using hubbix after your 30-day free trial period. We’ll send you a reminder when your trial period is coming to an end, and you can opt-out at any point in the process.
We always store and delete data responsibly, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Can hubbix be used for companies of any age?

Yes – all businesses benefit from hubbix, no matter their age. In fact, more established businesses often appreciate the fresh set of eyes.

Are there any other fees?

There are absolutely NO hidden fees, additional costs or nasty surprises whatsoever.

Does it take long to set up?

Not at all – you can get a client profile set up in less than 2 minutes!

Am I tied to a contract?

Of course not, feel free to cancel any time – no hassle or fuss.

Who can use Hubbix?

Everyone! Whether you are an independent business adviser or part of a large practice, you can use hubbix on all your clients – from one-man bands to big corporations.

How can I integrate Hubbix into my service offering?

hubbix provides structure to your business advice sessions; so, you could offer it as a monthly, quarterly, or annual session (or any frequency that suits your services). We recommend hour-long sessions every month, so both you and your client get the most out of the system. You could also offer a half or full-day session once a quarter.



hubbix is useful for onboarding clients, as it can be used to fact find quickly and easily.


From the client’s perspective it highlighted the things they were doing right, what they weren’t doing (some of which they hadn’t considered, some of which they had but hadn’t prioritised).


Within an hour session, hubbix produced 4 actions for the client and generated a lot of discussions, so it was a great session from the client’s point of view, as hubbix triggered conversations about other important things.

Get started today with a 30-day free trial,

No hidden costs or nasty surprises.

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