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Hubbix Pricing


£96 (inc. VAT) a month or £960 (inc. VAT) a year per user


Strategy builder

Customise business advice sessions for each individual client. 

Document conversations and produce personalised client action plans.

KPI tracker

Track the lifetime value you bring to each of your clients. 

Obtain your average client ROI to inform your pricing strategy.

Unlimited clients

Create, manage and track unlimited client portfolios and action plans.

So you can grow your advisory business.

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Monthly Plan

£96 (inc. VAT) a month

Annual Plan

£960 (inc. VAT) a year



If you implement hubbix early, (even remotely,) it serves as a great way to structure each session. You can use it to fact-find and easily onboard a new client, plus it gives them a tangible action plan at the end of each session, giving them a great reason to come back for regular structured sessions.


What I like about hubbix is that it formalises the process (of giving business advice). If you capture a vulnerability in an early session, it means you don’t have to backtrack if you discover the problem at a later date, which can often seem like a sales pitch to the client.


By adopting/using ancillary services that are appealing to our clients, like hubbix, they can help to attract new custom. We can use it as a selling point – via social media, or during business networking events, which could put us ahead of competitors who just offer tax returns and other such services.

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